Facebook is the most important social network in the world, currently exceeding 500 million users of its platform (August 2010).

Therefore, Advertising in this Social Network is vital for a branding campaign web presence, in addition to other ‘user targeted’ networks or portals.

Social Ads/Banners Creation: Teira Consulting creates your Social Ad by choosing the most appropriate target and country depending on the product / service to promote. Some of the metrics to consider are: age, gender, educational level and so on. The cost varies by CPC or CPM. Proper segmentation and target optimization generates a decrease in the overall cost of the campaign, so if you contract a campaign with specialists, the savings and effectiveness will grow by far compared by doing it yourself.

Corporate Branding: We create a corporate profile of the advertiser, either through a group or an Application (API). We would bring promotions to qualified prospects and keep them informed about new activities of the advertiser such as new developments, recent TV commercials, branded events, surveys, games and much more. This generates a Brand Awareness by the company ‘Fans’. It is a very effective/casual marketing action and it creates a positive brand image where you communicate all of your benefits and the customer receives it in a relaxed landscape, achieving an easier + more enjoyable communication way.

Report: Weekly reports will contain statistics on impressions, clicks, CTR for social Ads / Banners, as well as new profiles added to the network weekly or monthly (depending on the campaign demand). Through this tool, clients can keep track of the campaign traffic and development, in order to optimize it properly.

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